November 26, 2021

Cosmos Resides Inside each of us, we just Need to Realize it

Personal growth plan today is to share something with you. It is something that many of us feel free to say, but few of us do. Having known a secret when I first entered this world, I later forgot. With hindsight, I realize that my life, right or wrong, for better or worse, was destined to unfold due to how I entered this world. I got an answer after the free personality quiz.

My trick dates back to when I was three or four years old. It would be like I would lock myself in the bathroom, stare into my own eyes in the mirror, then stand there and wait until I blew up. Initially, I would no longer be able to see because my body was starting to grow. I would pass through the ceiling of the room to reach the floor above, then through the roof to reach the other side. Then I'd be as big as the whole world. Out to the edge of the universe, the entire universe would be my body.

I would just enjoy a minute of that infinite size when I got to it because it was pure elation. That moment was pure bliss. As my Absolute Self visited me more and the years, I allowed myself to shrink. My four-year-old self would be staring in the mirror again after I'd gone back down through the roof. After unlocking the door, I would walk out, ready to confront my limitations.

Now, one can feel the divine wisdom and compassion of that cosmic being slipping through the filter of our assumed identity of being limited to this body, but if we loosen up that identity, we open ourselves up to the possibility of remembering who we truly are.

I am not here to teach you; I am here to help you remember. I am not supposed to teach you; I am supposed to help you remember. Although I had no intention of doing anything like this, I am compelled to do it since what we all are is so magnificent, as opposed to what we settle for! It is just that you need to yourself spiritually and for that if possible to have personality style quiz test, spiritually awakening test, online quizzes about personality. Due to this you too will get the spiritual power that I have.

This miracle is hard to share, but I'm trying.

November 19, 2021

A Guide to Managing the Journey of Conscious Evolution and Spiritual Growth.

The path of awakening is often considered a path of self-transcendence; therefore, what is the role of self-play in how we experience an awakening? And, what is the essence of the self? A self is something we all have, but many of us seem to have different ideas about what it is. The following is a tongue-in-cheek definition of self that I particularly like:

It might be more useful for us to think in a different way about the self. In other words, it can be thought of as a collection of historical impressions of past events that have created habits of perception and behaviour. As we go through life we learn and conclude from all of it. The things that happen to us shape how we experience them and respond to new things. Many of the things we call ourselves are based on habits and conclusions from our past that unconsciously guide our current behaviour. It comes naturally when we follow daily inspirational messages.

There are many aspects of the separate self, or small ‘s’ self, that are referred to as habits. The sense of self is connected to the name that you are given, the birthday you were born on, and the physical body that is anchored to you. It is often said that spiritual awakening involves awakening from the little 's' self to the big 's' self.

Our previous discussion of spiritual awakening has pointed out that it involves the awakening of the big 'S' Self. In this process, you are awakening to the source of all consciousness, to the awareness that knows, and to perception itself. It is not just one person, but the awareness all around them that makes up this awareness. That is what makes up the ultimate witness. Consciousness evolution journey itself is the root source of everything in the universe. We are that awareness, which in turn awakens to itself.

The Spiritual awakening test allows us to recognize our true identity as that source. It allows us to see that we are not a conscious entity. We are aware that we are people. As the scriptures tell us, humanity is that conscious living entity in the universe, and as such, we are it.

November 17, 2021

An Evil Darkness that Consumes the our Soul

Ever felt lonely, lost, depressed and without purpose? Do you feel confused about your sense of self-identity? Do you feel like your life has suddenly fallen apart and you have lost some of the things you considered being the most important in your life? Have you asked yourself any of the following questions:

"Am I going crazy?"

"What is happening to me?"

"Why does reality look so different than it used to

"What am I supposed to do now?"

At first, these types of questions are usually linked to clinical depression, however, for many people, it means that they are going through one of the most difficult spiritual awakening stages typically known as the dark night of the soul. Spiritual evolution is thought to take place in a negative or recessive phase, which tends to be characterized by low-frequency emotions and dissolution. However, it is an essential part of the journey, which will change your life forever and for the better

Not everyone goes through this process in their experience of the conscious evolution journey. Many people go through easier spiritual awakenings where they simply wake up spontaneously one day without the need for painful triggers such as traumatic events in their lives. But if you were guided to this article and resonate with what we have described above, then you might be going through this stage so keep reading to find out what the dark night of the soul is and how you can get out of it feeling completely transformed and stronger than ever.

What is the dark night of the soul spiritually? What does it mean to go through the dark night of the soul?

The dark night of the soul is also known as the dark night of the ego" or "dissolution of the ego ``and can be seen as a transformation and evolution of one's personality. As the physical reality is composed of potentially infinite, it expands through the shedding or dissolving of form and rebirth. The dark night of the soul is the process of death of the ego and rebirth of the physical identity in the process of the dark night of the soul.

lost and depressed feelings as there appears to be little meaning in life or experience during this period. This is almost a subconscious recollection of spiritual truths, which interact with the personality and invalidate all of the belief systems that seemingly justify your physical existence. The darkness which destroys soulsIt is almost as if your subconscious mind has recollected spiritual truths that interfere with your personality and undermine every belief system you cling to maintain your physical existence.

October 25, 2021

Personal Growth Plans and Development Programs to Know about Yourself

Everyone wishes to start career in reputed organizations by working on higher designations or become a successful entrepreneur in any domain with expertise enough to live life lavishly and become an example for others to success. Almost everyone desires to improve skills and abilities to make both personal and professional life successful. But the reality is nothing will happen until action is taken to make it happen. You may find a good number of people, who seem t be naturally driven to take the right steps – required for successful life or necessary to move on the track of success. You may find a number of people, who have to make a conscious, purposeful effort to produce positive changes in lives. Here, you will come to know about the importance of personal growth plans or personality development programs that can be a powerful tool to discover an individual’s path in life. It enhances your personal, professional, educational, and psychological life.

A Personal Development Program to Enable You Make Vast Improvements in Living Quality

A personal development program will surely enable you to make vast improvements in your living quality. There are considerable numbers of personal development plans examples that will fill your life with positive energy level. As far as personal growth and development are concerned, they are all about different things to different people. Personal development focuses on developing your skills, abilities, attitude, and awareness for personal goals.

One of the plus points of such programs and plans is that they cover various human activity areas and often applied to businesses as well as financial growth. Personal development can improve social relationship with friends, colleagues, partners, and employees.

Find Top Platforms to Join Personal Growth Plans and Personal Development Programs

If you wish to achieve the important things in your personal and professional life, you must focus on your personal development. It will be better not to go panic yourself with thoughts that fill your mind with negativity. Personal growth plans and personal development programs are designed to help you reveal your hidden capabilities and make you a successful person. From such amazing programs and plans that are offered to you with personal development plans examples, you will get a number of added benefits.

You will be able to real benefits from personal development courses to live a more efficient and productive life. People are often found struggling with developing time management skills, creative problem-solving abilities, memory concentration and goal setting. With such courses, they will be able to learn to cooperate with others, capitalize on their strength and produce quality work. There are a number of benefits offered to you, if you choose the right personal growth plans or personal development programs.

October 25, 2021

Daily Inspirational Messages to Change Your Mindset and Increase Positivity Level

Challenges in life are common that you will get at every step – be it your personal life or professional one. Even when you travel in on sharing transport basis, challenges are there too. If not tackle properly, they result in increasing frustration level, irritation and of course anger. A change in life is important and nothing can do wonder than control your anger and think about life with positivity to stay cool and relaxed. Some daily inspirational messages also do wonders in changing the way of thinking about life. There is countless number of daily inspirational messages that will help you work with anger. You have to discover a whole new way of working with life’s challenges with free daily inspirational messages.

It will be better to find the right platform that is convenient for you and you will surely get daily inspirational message. These messages are on various topics in life like working on anger, stay cool, think positive and get inspiration to move on the right track of success. Such messages will change the way of life personally and professionally. You have to discover a whole new way of working with life’s challenges with our free daily inspirational messages. Don’t forget to sign up now and receive daily inspirational messages and tips right into your inbox.

Know About the Inner Journey with Daily Inspirational Messages and Motivational Quotes

There is no denying the fact that daily motivational and inspirational quotes are sure to provide you a way to know about the inner journey. You will get free motivational quotes every day to uplift an nourish your soul. Leave your inner journey free to boost your desire and discipline by guiding you to daily thoughts, reflections, and wisdom cast by the teachers of the ages.

For daily inspirational messages, it will be better to go online and search for the right platform, where such messages are available easily. There are a number of renowned websites and even blogs, where such messages are available for free. Here, you have to make the right decision on choosing the best one and change the way of thinking and remove your negativity.

Find the right platform, do signup or create your account and get messages daily. It will change your life and your mindset too. You will be moving on the right track of success. Higher Awareness is a reliable and a one stop name providing you with the best ways of making life happier. Here, amazing daily inspirational messages are provided for free.

October 22, 2021

Online Facilitation Training Workshop – What Is Added in the Workshop

When you have decided to be the part of online facilitation training workshop, you will get a number of added benefits. There is a lot more included in such a workshop to ensure your workshop facilitator training will be successful one.

You will get a self-discovery process – the key process to help you identify or clarify your passion and your unique market niche. It will be the helpful step to move on the right track of success.

Apart from this, workshop design and facilitation handbook with strategic and tips are provided to you that will be another plus point to help you set up and run your own workshop programs.

They also provide you with business operations and marketing handbook with steps so you can create and manage your own workshop facilitation business. Not to mention the 3 turn-key workshop packages – that are the right options to start your business with not one, but 3 workshops on journal writing, life purpose, and creativity. Transforming your mindset is the main motive of this workshop and training session. During the training session, you will also get one-on-one email coaching support to get all your questions answered in successful way. In addition to this, you will be able to find your delivery style so you are seen as a natural presenter. Hundreds of exceptional resources are provided to you to draw from and to leave you free to use in your own workshops. It is online facilitation training program that is provided to help you learn from home at your own pace with ease. You will be participating in a forum for facilitators to share, ask questions, and collaborate. They provide you with an option for certification and extra support along with a list of more than 100 income streams that you can choose from.

To be a successful facilitator through online facilitation training session, you will get step-by-step guide like:

Checklist for choosing facilities and planning meetings

A step-by-step guide to workshop design, delivery, and evaluation

Workshop Tips

Public Speaking and Facilitation Tips

Tools to Find Your Peaks of Performance and Safety

Ways to Handle Disruption and Emotional Situations

You will become an expert in all the basic and advanced journaling tools that will enable you to put the work into workshop and a way to create and deliver powerful and energetic session on your topic. Overall, you will get a change in your behavior and of course in the thinking power with online facilitation training program.

September 29, 2021

What is the Spiritual Awakening Test?

A spiritual awakening test is all about knowing who you are, why you are here and mainly to know about the purpose of your life. It is about meeting a new version of you with a completely different perspective about challenges in life.

What triggers spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening can happen at any period of your life and is generally caused by life-changing incidents like disconnection from the real-world, detachment or departure of your loved ones, the arrival of a new person that brings happiness to your life, abusive incidents from inside or outside the family, mental health crisis, etc.

When should you go for a spiritual awakening test?

You feel close to innocent souls like trees, animals, and kids.

You make service-oriented goals.

You develop a different personality.

You can feel a new you living inside.

You begin to develop empathy for the sufferings of people.

You want to know the whys and hows of everything around.

You want to know the reason behind every belief and faith.

You observe people and their actions and behavior.

You no longer think about the rights and wrongs set by society.

You follow a fixed daily routine without feeling the pressure to follow it.

You begin to practice gratitude and meditation daily.

There are many consequences to spiritual awakening such as:

You have no fear about anything.

Service to people, animals and the environment becomes your life's priority.

You are left with empathy, compassion, and love for others.

You make your real world with real goals and objectives to achieve.

You only invite those things which bring value and make sense in your life.

You live in the moment to do better in a focussed way.

You believe your intuitions or gut feelings more than anything.

You surrender yourself to the innermost you for guidance in life.

You begin to find the purpose of your birth desperately.

The spiritual awakening happens through your whole being- body, mind, and soul. Spiritual awakening is like a confluence of mind, body and soul. There is online facilitation training available at our site about the spiritual awakening test at

Some daily inspirational messages to strive through life with its challenges:

If you ponder over big things, start doing small things that make you happy.

Unblock your peace.

Be transparent to yourself.

Trust the process to know about challenges in life. BETA