September 29, 2021

What is Journaling?

It is an act of putting your innermost thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper or making e-notes. It is your record of what has been done throughout the day to keep track of your actions and thoughts. You can undoubtedly do it daily, weekly, or monthly.

People do it to get many benefits like :

to understand life's purpose,

to write ideas to execute,

to track your thoughts and behavior periodically,

to attain positive vibes,

to do away with negative feelings,

to free themselves from their mental boundaries,

to gain mental well-being,

to jot down new things they learn throughout the day,

to write about challenges in life,

to do a self-awareness test,

to do a spiritual-awakening test,

to manage stress and anxiety,

to practice gratitude,

and this list is ever ending.

You try to find the benefits and actual results in your life by writing a journal daily. Make it into your daily schedule for better results. Be true to yourself while writing what you feel and understand.

What is manifestation?

You think of something valuable to have in your life or do good for others or yourself. You start to imagine things, begin to work to achieve them step by step, and eventually what you have imagined turns into reality. This imagination which turns into reality is called manifestation.

While learning how to manifest what you want, you begin to believe:

in the power of positive thinking,

in the power of taking action,

in your capabilities to achieve goals,

in your ideas and execution,

in your accomplishment,

in your ability to do good always,

How is journaling and manifesting related?

When done together, they bring enormous positivity and excellent results. You write your ideas and small actions you want to do to execute them and it is achieved. It requires your consistent efforts and determination. You should positively manifest. Even if things don't go as planned, maybe another way is meant to be.

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