September 29, 2021

What is the Spiritual Awakening Test?

A spiritual awakening test is all about knowing who you are, why you are here and mainly to know about the purpose of your life. It is about meeting a new version of you with a completely different perspective about challenges in life.

What triggers spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening can happen at any period of your life and is generally caused by life-changing incidents like disconnection from the real-world, detachment or departure of your loved ones, the arrival of a new person that brings happiness to your life, abusive incidents from inside or outside the family, mental health crisis, etc.

When should you go for a spiritual awakening test?

You feel close to innocent souls like trees, animals, and kids.

You make service-oriented goals.

You develop a different personality.

You can feel a new you living inside.

You begin to develop empathy for the sufferings of people.

You want to know the whys and hows of everything around.

You want to know the reason behind every belief and faith.

You observe people and their actions and behavior.

You no longer think about the rights and wrongs set by society.

You follow a fixed daily routine without feeling the pressure to follow it.

You begin to practice gratitude and meditation daily.

There are many consequences to spiritual awakening such as:

You have no fear about anything.

Service to people, animals and the environment becomes your life's priority.

You are left with empathy, compassion, and love for others.

You make your real world with real goals and objectives to achieve.

You only invite those things which bring value and make sense in your life.

You live in the moment to do better in a focussed way.

You believe your intuitions or gut feelings more than anything.

You surrender yourself to the innermost you for guidance in life.

You begin to find the purpose of your birth desperately.

The spiritual awakening happens through your whole being- body, mind, and soul. Spiritual awakening is like a confluence of mind, body and soul. There is online facilitation training available at our site about the spiritual awakening test at

Some daily inspirational messages to strive through life with its challenges:

If you ponder over big things, start doing small things that make you happy.

Unblock your peace.

Be transparent to yourself.

Trust the process to know about challenges in life. BETA